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20 September 2018       
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This is the help file for the Allegro Teaching Diary

To check availability

Yellow space indicates free slot.  (some lessons may be booked but no pupil in the space)

Selecting filters by day/ week or teacher.
Care when using instrument filter as some teachers teach more than one instrument.
Who teaches what

From diary front - select display teacher instruments. Use filters for teacher or instrument order

Who teaches when

From diary front – select day profile, then teacher from drop down box

To book a lesson (all types):

Go to day and select time slot
Select lesson/ lesson type
Select teacher
Select duration – 30 mins or 60 mins
Select room - enter tr1,tr2,tr3,tr4

Save: this saves the time slot (Event) but still needs pupil

NB: Free Intro Lessons should be booked as a 30 minute Lesson. If starting in an existing group the student will need to wait until lessons are paid to be added to group on diary. For dates where there are free intro lessons please mark student name in note box.

To add  pupil

Select save and edit pupil
Go to manage pupil box

If new pupil – select create and enter all information (alias name is system generated). Press save.
Go back to manage pupil box and type/find name in drop down box.  Then save & exit.

If existng pupil – start to type name of student in drop down box
Press add to put in lesson
Need to highlight name to link to payment history/ view details

Repeat button

Once first lesson is booked use repeat button to book 1/2/3/4/5 weeks ahead (the same lesson information)
Make sure this is not a free intro, unless an offer when a 2nd free intro can be booked.

To Edit Pupil

Select Data maintenance from front of diary - select people - find student in drop down box - change details and save.

Taking payments

All monies taken need to be entered on diary on same day.
Lessons need to be booked in at time of payment.

Once lessons are booked via lesson booking in manage pupils box
Highlight name in manage pupil box and check payment history.  Check how much is owed – go back and enter amount in box and payment method – press make payment – go to payment history – check number of lines is correct to show payment and related lessons - press print for receipt – make 2 copies – one for student and one for banking.

Refunds/contra entries

Same process as above but enter a minus fig in payment box. Make 2 copies - one for student & one for banking

To find out payment status/lesson history of student

Can use filters to isolate lesson – teacher/ instrument/ room

1. Go to lesson
Highlight name in manage pupil box
Select view payment history, or

2. Select data maintenance from front screen
Select payment
Find student (date order of payments) OR select any student
Select view balance
Type in name in select student search box – this will bring up ledger for the student, listing lessons booked, monies paid, leaving a balance outstanding if there is one or what is owed.

Cancel/ move lesson

If student calls to cancel with 48 hours notice
Go to lesson
Highlight name
Press remove – this deletes the student from the lesson
In note box - enter name of student and note to say cancelled/ call to rebook etc

If late cancellation/no show
Go to lesson. Highlight name. Go to payment history. Change toggle to N (no show) - this indicates the lesson is still charged.

To re-book

Select slot and go through steps as for booking in existing student.

To book Teacher holiday/sickness/lunch breaks/time off

All 'time off' (holidays, lunches, breaks, sickness) should be booked via lesson/ personal and reason marked in the note field.

Booking: select start time/day and enter hours (by day).  System will calculate and block out relevant times.

To delete - go to time originally booked and change the time to zero (0)

Updated May 2014